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High-quality sunglasses: An indispensable golf accessory

The only way to improve your golf score is to practice, but as with any sport, being equipped with quality accessories will help you get results. These items include hats, performance clothing, and gloves. While all these items are important, high-quality sunglasses are an indispensable accessory that will benefit your game—and your eye health—in many ways.

The Must-Have Polarized Lenses for Professional Drone Operators

Done operators look up into the sky for a living. The right lenses are crucial, both, for their job performance but also long-term health of their eyes, as they spend so much time starring towards the sun. We interviewed Kunihiko Ishii and Takero Nakajima to learn more about their craft and the role that TALEX lenses play for them.

Are TALEX lenses effective for cataracts?

In a joint clinical trial, TALEX and Kanazawa Medical University are studying whether TALEX lenses correct cataract symptoms such as blurry vision and light sensitivity.

I want to see clearly, so I wear TALEX lenses

Ever since she was a teenager, Narumi Kitagawa has been fascinated with surfing, where she could connect with nature. In her 20s she competed as as a professional, and she won the Japanese women’s championship in her early 30s.

“We put our soul into
 our craft.”

- Shinzo Tamura, CEO