Technology and tradition

Passion for perfection

With over 80 years of experience in lens making, we have created the most effective polarized lens filter on earth. While we embrace modern technology and employ innovation and precision to create our lenses, parts of the process are still crafted by hand — by people who have been making lenses for most of their lives.

Our biggest contribution to the advancement of polarized lens technology is our unique Light Purifying Filter, which we use in all our lenses.

The TALEX Light Purifying Filter is a thin film made from iodine compounds that can be dialed in based on the visual balance needed. Captured inside our polarized lens, it removes UV rays, glare, and other harmful light so you can see better, while helping your eyes stay strong and healthy.

Our lenses are brighter and clearer, without any discoloration or distortion. They are the highest-performing polarized lenses on earth.

Visual Balance

The TALEX lens range is built on three visual qualities. A specific TALEX lens may have just one these qualities, or a unique combination of two, or even all three.


Removes light without darkening or discoloring your vision


Adds sharpness and dimension to increase color and clarity


Increases the light, making it easier to see in low-light situations

We make dozens of different lenses, most of which come in different materials, have different lens coatings, and even a differently shaped lens curves. Our vast catalog of lenses allows customers and partners to find the perfect lenses for their environment, lifestyle, and price range.

TALEX has created three proprietary lens materials.



Originally crafted in 1966, our glass lenses employ a high-performance polarizing filter, and offer excellent scratch resistance and clarity.

   Scratch resistance
Impact resistance



First developed in 1975, our polarized plastic lenses are much lighter than glass, yet maintain absolute clarity with no distortion — a well-balanced, and affordable lens.

  Scratch resistance
  Impact resistance



Developed in 2000, our award-winning polarized CACCHU lenses are extremely lightweight, completely distortion free, and impact resistant — an incredible feat for plastic lenses.

  Scratch resistance
   Impact resistance

Our lenses come in three degrees of curve to fit every possible purpose and frame.


Our 8-curve lenses are specifically designed for sport performance frames with a curved front.


Our six-curve lenses are suitable for most everyday sunglass frames. But also work well will less curved performance frames.


Our four-curve lenses are ideal for frames that sit more flat on your face, such as most fashion frames.

All our polarized lenses have a protective scratch-resistant coating on both sides, plus a multilayer anti-glare coating on the back side. We offer three different coating options on the front side.

Single-Layer Coating

A single-layer vacuum deposition coating that strengthens the surface and adds water repulsion. This coating adds a reflective finish, making it difficult to see the eyes through the lens. This coating increases visible light transmittance by 2% compared to uncoated lenses.

Multilayer Coating

Our recommended lens coating. The same multilayer anti-glare coating on the back is applied to the front. The lens is sealed with a water-repellent finish. This coating suppresses reflections, providing a clear view while increasing visible light transmittance by up to 4%.

Mirror Coating

Blue or silver vacuum deposition mirror coating on top of a hard coat for scratch prevention. The lens is sealed with a water-repellent finish. Compared to our Multilayer coating, visible light transmittance is reduced by about 5%, providing a clear view in high-glare environments.

High-quality sunglasses: An indispensable golf accessory

The only way to improve your golf score is to practice, but as with any sport, being equipped with quality accessories will help you get results. These items include hats, performance clothing, and gloves. While all these items are important, high-quality sunglasses are an indispensable accessory that will benefit your game—and your eye health—in many ways.

We collaborate with companies large and small around the world. We work with partners on products that
feature our existing lenses, create custom lenses, or even design complete sunglasses.

“We put our soul into
 our craft.”

- Shinzo Tamura, CEO