Are TALEX lenses effective for cataracts?

TALEX lenses remove miscellaneous light and create a clear view, but do they correct cataract symptoms such as blurry vision and light sensitivity? Together with Kanazawa Medical University in central Japan, TALEX is conducting a study to determine whether the lenses can benefit those with cataract.

In recent years the rise of eye-related disorders and diseases associated with aging, such as cataract, and the dangers of ultraviolet rays have given a great deal of attention to eye health. The Department of Ophthalmology at Kanazawa Medical University performs more than 1,000 surgeries a year for eye diseases such as cataract.

TALEX and the university are conducting a wide range of ophthalmology research, including basic research on cataract and eye exposure to solar ultraviolet rays.

Because TALEX lenses cut miscellaneous light such as reflections that causes fatigue, some users have reported comfort and even alleviation of cataract symptoms when wearing sunglasses with TALEX lenses.

With TALEX sunglasses, I was finally able to get out,” a customer with cataract said. “I can clearly see the stairs for getting on and off the bus, so I now I look forward to going out for the day.”

This testimony was just one of many from all over the country that sparked the question, would TALEX lenses be effective from a medical standpoint for patients before and after cataract surgery?

Professor Sasaki of Kanazawa Medical University

TALEX asked Professor Sasaki of Kanazawa Medical University to conduct research on this topic. The clinical trials are still in their infancy; once complete, we will feature the research results in a future journal post.

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