High-quality sunglasses: An indispensable golf accessory

The only way to improve your golf score is to practice, but as with any sport, being equipped with quality accessories will help you get results. These items include hats, performance clothing, and gloves. While all these items are important, high-quality sunglasses are an indispensable accessory that will benefit your game—and your eye health—in many ways.

Sunglasses are a must-have for golf

Many people don’t wear sunglasses when playing golf, perhaps because the sun doesn’t bother them. But not wearing sunglasses can negatively affect your performance and cause eye damage. With sunglasses, quality matters; don’t just wear cheap sunglasses—be sure to wear real sunglasses, preferably ones designed for golf.

Preventing eye strain

Golf courses are carefully designed and well cultivated, but there is almost no shade. In this open environment with so much bright natural light, the human eye uses its muscles to regulate the amount of light it takes in. Continuous use of this muscle causes eyestrain, which can cause stress and negatively affect concentration. Wearing sunglasses helps your eye muscles relax so you can focus on your game.

The outlines become clear

When playing in strong sunlight, you may lose sight of the ball when you squint. With high-quality sunglasses, you can clearly see the ball’s position and get a better sense of distance. It’s also easier to detect unevenness on the green.

Preventing UV damage

Golf courses are beautiful, but since there is little shade, golfers are constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays. UV exposure affects not only your skin but also your eyes. Wearing sunglasses helps prevent UV damage to your eyes.

Golf sunglasses

Golf-specific sunglasses are essential to improving your performance and comfort on the course. When golfing, many people wear sunglasses with dark lenses to reduce glare. Unfortunately, these lenses darken the field of view and make it impossible to get an accurate sense of distance or line. They can also cause eyestrain.

Polarized lenses are ideal for golf. Other lenses don’t suppress reflection off the grass, which can be hard on your eyes even when you’re looking away from the sun.

TALEX polarized lenses feature a high-performance miscellaneous light-cutting filter that firmly suppresses reflected light and UV rays and allows only comfortable light to pass through. This makes it easier to see unevenness on the fairway, provides you with a bright view, and even allows you to clearly see slight changes and lines on the green. These lenses provide comfort so you can concentrate on the game.

These are our recommended lenses for golf


Granite lenses—our most popular lenses—provide an optimum balance between the miscellaneous light–cutting rate and visible light transmittance so you feel comfortable wearing them in any weather. These lenses accurately reproduce all the colors as they are, allowing you to see everything as if you’re not wearing sunglasses at all. This gives you a better sense of distance, which is crucial to your golf game.


This gray lens provides increased brightness and contrast, making color density not too dark and easier to see. Carbon lenses suppress reflections off the grass so you can clearly see the ball and any obstacles. This lens is also an ideal all-around lens for any activity.


Bronze lenses accommodate a wide range of weather conditions and cut glare without affecting the view of the landscape. This lens provides a warm and highly sensitive view that does not darken, even in the shade. Perfect for use on fall days, Bronze lenses offer high contrast that gives you the clearest view of all our lenses. On sunny days and cloudy ones and in the shade, only miscellaneous light is removed, making it easier to follow the ball with your eyes.

Author: Kenjiro

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